Low Ticket Offers Have Made Me Tens of Millions & I Wanna Show You How! Come Create + Launch Yours With Me in Just 7 days!

Gorgeous one!

You wanna do something different?
Let's do something different!
There really is another way ...

Look, I'm not gonna apologise for the fact that I have a bit of a rant going on for, I dunno, about 10 years now, on this topic.

Short version?

Don't even get me started on how flat out wrong it is, if not irresponsible entirely, that a good half of the online industry still teaches 'you shouldn't do low ticket or else'.


cool cool. Do that. I know some amazing mentors online for whom it is truly TRUE that they only work with their inner circle type clients, and charge accordingly.

But for most people out there?

a) you came to serve a BIG audience, and that includes directly

b) you have a pull inside of you for your message to reach millions, and THAT INCLUDES DIRECTLY

c) you love creating things and if you're honest about it it feels harder and also just wrong to NOT create and get out into the world low cost courses, workshops, challenges, masterclasses, memberships, and even the occasional VIP offer you just felt like making crazy accessible ("no YOU get a car!"), because ...


You don't believe in the idea that selling low-ticket means people won't value your services

You don't believe that you can't simultaneously sell low ticket AND high as high can be ticket if you so choose

You don't believe that repeat creating | launching | delivering on whatever schedule the good Lord leads and guides you on is gonna burn you out or means you should have a sad face sticker on you as an entrepreneur because apparently you didn't GET that the whole thing is 'do less', because guess what else??

You don't believe that selling low ticket falls into the category of doing more / doing too much / under or de-valuing yourself or your work, or basically anything else BIG AND BAD AND SCARY because because?

It's actually just as simple as 'this is what I feel led to do', and even - 'this is what I feel excited to do', and even even - 'this is what I know is part of my mission aka TRUE for me to do!'

Can I tell you something you already know?

We REALLY have to stop buying in to rules of what online biz-niz is supposed to be about.

We also really have to stop looking through a lens which is only earth-bound when it comes to our creative and purpose work, and the fact that we actually came here to do a supernatural thing, and so how we create,



and sell,

should ONLY be filtered through a lens of 'BUT IS THIS WHAT IS TRUE AND WHAT I WANNA DO'. With the foundation being as simple as ...

does it give you peace in your spirit and does God say that it is good!

Can I tell you something else?

I have personally made tens of millions of dollars online JUST from my low ticket,

and I have also made a pretty penny (well over 10 mil) from high ticket,

oh and?

I haven't done a sales call or more than a 8-10 minute total back and forth minute (usually a lot less) audio + text based convo for said high ticket since 2013. 


About 80% of the folks who buy high ticket from me, which can be anywhere from 5-6k for a mini VIP day all the way to the beyond 6-figure level ...

bought something first for $37. Or $97. Or $197. Or maybe $497. Or even $7. Or sometimes even without a 7 at the end. (Pray for me!) ...

AND THEN THEY UPSOLD THEMSELVES. Often times into something I didn't even have on offer, meaning - they just reached out to ASK how to pay me.

So ... to all of those who say you can't sell low ticket and still sell high ...


I like 'em just dandy ;)


Guess what?!

I am creating a thing!

It is an all new thing!

It is a thing just for you!

It is a thing you will have lifetime access to.

It is a thing I really wanna do for you!

It is a brand new 7-day course (+ surprise bonuses as I decide and am shown 'em!) and it is a thing which is called ...


Wait, hang on, that's not it.

Oh yeah - ;)

Launch Your Low-Ticket Offer in 7 Days With Me! And Let Me Show You How to Springboard That Into an Empire Which Makes Millions, Because Gurrrlllll? That is What WE DO. Let's Get Clear On -

  • Precisely HOW

  • Precisely to WHO

  • Precisely how to ATTRACT in said who

  • ​Precisely everything you need to know on not just the idea creation, but also the marketing, the selling, every bit of the launching, AND the social media bit

  • ​Oh, and? There is SO.MUCH. we will be covering here. As usual, about 77x more than you'd think we'd be able to go into in 7 days, but by the way - that is an INFUSION thing whereby each morsel we drop into hits DEEP and just SWITCH FLICKS YOU. Such that you don't even quite know what happened, and you certainly didn't spend eons doing it, and now meanwhile - you just started doing the thing and next level flow became the norm! Money AND ideal client folks aplenty.

In case you didn't notice, my vibe in general is 'let's make it easy and fun and fast and flow and the way you wish it could be, because babe the preparation and hard WERK bit is the way you already live your life', meaning ...

this is gonna be easy fun simple and flow.

Plus we will have some extra fun getting up close and personal with the inner bits which need to be surgically removed from your psyche in order for you to actually show up in a way that is immediately magnetic to the right people, and which means you are ACTUALLY building the right biz by doing this,

not just hawking for peanuts on the street corner of the internet. 'Cause babe?

We only roll with fine gold and holy fire and flow here.

And that is for real for real.

Should We Talk Details? Let's Talk Details!

Here is what we will be covering. Loosely. I say loosely, because you know me ... I always veer into additional teachings & bonuses & downloads oh my! Basically, whatever extra thing I realise you need AS I am teaching, I add in.

But loosely, this is our curriculum:
  •  (as opposed to being a high value exchange for low money which is NOT what it's about)

  • The low-ticket into 'they just upsell themselves' high ticket system I have been using for years, with not a single sales call in sight (I'm talking over 10 years just on that)

  • ​How to create, launch, market and sell low-ticket such that it is easy, fun and flow for you and also ONLY magnetizes in high level folks who are gonna want to pay you ongoing. If you haven't noticed how epically cool my audience is ... look around. And just to knock this lil pin down - peeps who buy low ticket from you when you do it the truly ALIGNED way definitely DO then buy high ticket.

  • ​The 'you just got paid to build your list / audience' system which all the 'don't sell low ticket' folks just don't get

  • ​WHY this is for you if you are a highly creative person who just wants to be able to say, write, pour out, do the thing inside of her without having to think about it

  • ​Dealing with the pesky bits and making them fun. Aka: why I just don't make myself available for any of it to feel hard, time-consuming, or overly arduous, and how to do that

  • ​Messaging & marketing flow which is as easy as breathing

  • ​EXACTLY how to craft and also deliver your offer

  • ​How to 'get away with' (but actually delight your clients!) doing things YOUR way, and not having to kow-tow to ideas of what being proper or professional is, either in sales OR in deliver

  • ​Exact launch formula, and daily flow of selling and launching with ease and regardless how little time you have (I did this for years in 10 or 15 min pockets of time in between breastfeeding and running a bricks & mortar biz at the time. That is actually how I learned to be so prolific so efficiently.)

  • ​Writing sales pages which sell, doing it the easy flow and YOU way

  • Mindset blocks, and 'being her'. Dealing with the unspoken fears you have around biz or money should be a struggle, or you don't know how, or you're not good enough to just roll on up and sell things in a way which is easy and result-based.

  • ​The exact approach I use to make more off each launch than what the #'s of sales could ever total to

  • ​Email marketing magic, and again: how to let it be super fast fun and easy

  • and had no audience, no income, no products, no biz yet

Want in?

Oh, and one last thing -

It really does get to be a different way!


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x

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