Gorgeous one -

Can we talk about elevating your expectations in the area of your finances but truly, (thank you Lord!), in EVERY area?

Let's do that.

I want to connect you to the part of you who simply knows -

Money is not something I should be worrying about still.
Or in actual fact at all.

- It's time for me to move in daily certainty of being abundantly taken care of financially

- It's time for me to KNOW I am taking care of the money that DOES come to and through me properly

- It's time to feel EXCITED as well as certain and at peace when I think about money, and the true 'why' beneath an increasing amount of it flowing into my life

- It's time to finally surrender once and for all the idea that I need to DO anything to make sure I am SAFE in this area, or GROWING in this area, or TAKING CHARGE like wildfire in this area, because finally?

I snapped into that place where it simply works


and yeah. In ever increasing amounts, for the greater good it is actually meant to be for and as a reflection of the simple fact I just started saying YES -

to expecting it!!

This is not about making more money for the sake of it ... and it's certainly not about how to pursue a greater amount of the stuff.

It's about the fact that not understanding money properly could be resulting in you having a focus on it which simply should not be there, in lieu of that focus being on the path God has set in front of you and having a CERTAINTY AND AN EXPECTATION of elevated money flow occurring ON that path.

Do you get it?

It's not about 'how do I get it', it's about 'who do I need to surrender to BEING such that I SEE it'.

And boy oh boy is this just ONE part of what I wanna teach you in my brand new signature and fully God-led money course, ELEVATED EXPECTATION.

The place where you are gonna sort your money stuff out once and for ALL, as you FINALLY allow the flow which should be.

Oh, and PS? This one is 70% on me, as originally I priced it as a full signature course but God told me DROP it and so now? You're gettin' the all in thang at what I would normally charge for a challenge or mini course.

Let's cut straight to the chase here -

1) It's time to sort your money stuff out once and for all. 

I'm talking the mindset, the whole bit about it being okay (HI, MORE THAN OKAY; IN FACT REQUIRED) for you to receive in abundance and overflow, and you KNOW I'm talking about the practicalities and whatnots of you actually looking after the stuff.

2) This is a God thing. EVERYTHING I do is a God thing, so that shouldn't come as news. But just in case ;)

3) By 'God thing' I mean I will absolutely be teaching money overflow + stewardship (taking epic care of!) through a biblical lens, and any and all deep dive trainings will be Holy Spirit led in terms of the what AND the how of what I teach.

4) By 'sort your money stuff out', I mean: getting serious with the nitty gritty of what you expect. What it's for. Where it needs to go. What taking care of your money such that it is ABLE to grow and flow would actually look like. Un-sticking whatever stagnant mess is goin' on because you have your head in SOME sort of sandcastle about it. Oh and also?

5) Flicking the switch to TURBO charge as far as what you have in place to allow ze practical flow of ze monies.


6) Making space for miracles (the 'how' of that is fun!), AND -

7) Trusting in provision financially being DONE. Signed. Sealed. And also, what's that other thing? DELIVERED. In an earthly sense not just supernatural ;)

And speaking of things showing up on earth, we'll also be:

8) Looking at the spiritual authority God gives you to take charge of the area of your finances and your wealth, AND -

9) Dropping in on the vision as well as the practicalities of being the conduit of money you actually freaking should be.

While we're at it - 

10) Creating a WHOLE new 'assumed expected and done' reality for from here on out, AND looking at exactly what needs to be shed, shred, put in place, enacted, commanded, declared, etc - ! For this to occur.

It shouldn't come as any surprise when I tell you that -

11) All of this is gonna include a BIG ole fun and flow conversation around surrender, trust, and FAITH.

12) And of course a WHOLE ton of dealing with funky ideas, expectations which are serving up your CURRENT reality, and so-called rules about what is right or even RIGHTEOUS relevant to money which you (ahem) made up. Or just adopted from somewhere, without actually checking what is true.

All of which will result in -


What this ultimately comes down to? This (brand new!) course is going to completely sort out any MESS you got going on behind the scenes. Mindset practical or otherwise, AND it is gonna result in brand spanking new OH so fire and flow offers pouring out of you, even though offer creation is not the focus at all of this course. But get the money stuff out of the way, guess what happens?

CREATIVITY BABE. A lot of it. The magnetic 'they can't look away because it is so anointed' type and SO not about you FYI. #ForHisGloryAmen

Ready to Say Yes to ELEVATED EXPECTATION, and to you? Click the big button below to be in, and receive immediate access!

A complete revolution of your business money and life as you drop into EXPECTATION the way it should be!

THIS IS THE PLACE YOUR MONEY STORY CHANGE FOR GOOD. As we get you finally and FULLY relaxing deeply into what it actually means to be led by GOD, to hand it over to Him, and to see the GOOD good work He desires to do in and through you in this area. No it's NOT meant to be on you!

How Elevated Expectation works:

20 modules,
delivered via video, audio, deep dive worksheets, journaling, money growth flow sheets and more. 

All content is yours for life!



It's time for a WHOLE new game.

It's time now.

And it's time to BELIEVE that what God promises applies to you. But that yes. As part of this? YOU get to decide and take responsibility for your faith. Your surrender. Your stewardship. Your expectation and therefore?

What you see.

Now don't forget - 

Life is Now. Press Play.



One of the 'bonus' things I will be teaching in ELEVATED EXPECTATION is exactly how I have stacked my expected incomings for years such that I am always 'dialling up' to the things I previously could not pay for yet know are aligned for me to be saying yes to.

If you continually find yourself behind being able to easily and simply say 'yes' to whatever you KNOW is for you ... this is where that gets to end.

As part of this we will be looking at truths around spiritual blocks or delays on money as well as the practical 'what all needs to be being done' side of things.

But really? It's as simple as are you ready to expect more RIGHTLY, and to expect that this no longer needs to be an area YOU are trying to endlessly keep atop of or figure out?

Because if yes?

Then yes.

Elevated Expectation, gorgeous! You're supposed to be IN.

Ready to Say Yes to ELEVATED EXPECTATION, and to you? Click the big button below to be in, and receive immediate access!

A complete revolution of your business money and life as you drop into EXPECTATION the way it should be!

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